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October 30, 2008


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Those who look to the indictment as a tool of justice are certainly wrong. The real thing is that the western world is worried of Sudanese role in letting the "Yellow" Chinese play on their African backyard. Let them first just "blame" the killer of children in Qazza. and the tortured Iraqui at the American president. They will NOT

Bo Peterson

This is a quite inappropriate reply to this news headline on an innocent women working for the United Nations being arrested. I am sure that even the government noticed that such an arrest was not a terribly good idea. But to abuse this news post in order to waffle about the role of China in Sudan is not only missing the point of the indictment, but a tasteless affront to the innocent victim.

Bo Peterson

In turn, the form of the previous reply IS appropriate indeed, in that the many misspellings and the fact that the last sentence just suddenly ends nicely reflect the degree of thoughtfulness of the post.

Dean Mason

What a majorly and severely fucked-up country.

Dean Mason

Would that not be a good reason to stop UN aid to Sudan?

The president is laughing at the International Criminal Court, innocent UN employees are arrested and brought in very serious and difficult situations: So what exactly is again the justification of sending more aid? Should one not wait until the people of Sudan have found a way to get rid of the president? If they elect him again, fine, but why using tax payers money from all over the world to stabilize this regime?

Ulf Weinstein

I very much agree. Aid must to a much larger extent be linked to certifiable criteria for political conduct, e.g., as far as human rights are concerned. It is as simple as that: No fulfillment of the criteria, no money.

Dean Mason

Yeah, right, and human rights organizations are kicked out of the country, people who put their life at risk to help. To start a UN trade embargo could possibly help. Interesting: Irak was being bombed, and what is happening in Sudan is far worse, yet Hussein was the bad guy. Compared to al Bashir, Saddam looks like an innocent schoolboy.

Claude Grangier

Well, a military intervention with UN mandate seems like a good plan to me.

Hans Thomas

How dare they arresting an innocent women, essentially working for them, not against them?!

Jens Eisert

Fortunately, she was released.

Marius Koehler

Well, if one really has to enter such regions, one should not be too surprised if this happens.


I really don't know if this is positive or not, because thanks to the dam there is less marginalized regions, but the quantity of persons affected by this increased too much during the last year. Definitely this is to difficult to give a verdict.

Miami Office Space

why they arrest her?
is a violation to the human rights!
this should not be happend
luckly they release her by now, thanks god

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